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Poppy May
· 8 May 2018
Purchased a beautiful ball python about a month ago who is settling in really well. The reptiles all looked so well-kept and the staff were so friendly and helpful. This was my first snake and they di...d such a good job of giving me information without being condescending as some are towards new reptile keepers.

My young siblings also tagged along and the staff member helping me also spent time showing and telling them facts about all the reptiles, it really made their day! Really excellent shop!
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Iain Fish Gudgeon
· 2 May 2018
Was over in Kent at a Biker Rally and found these guys on a little day trip. Really impressed with the shop and the staff. Great selection of livestock so much so that we came home from our weekend w...ith a brilliant High White King Snake!
Will be back again!
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Natasha Mason
· 6 February 2018
Bought an adult pair of Boiga Cynodon and an adult pair of Boiga Dendrophila Melanota a few weeks back. All snakes are doing great. Very friendly and excellent service. Will definitely be back to more reptiles from you. See more
Julie Warman
· 28 April 2018
Absolutely blown away by this place! Came home with two scaley babies ����
Barrie Phelps
· 12 November 2017
Terry and the guys know their stuff. If you need advice or your interested in owning your first exotic pet these guys are the place to visit.
Sam Zoe Ace Taylor
· 3 July 2016
Went down there today to buy two millipedes after really enjoying holding one at the Herne Bay Sci Fi Festival, my first time ever owning anything that isn't a dog, cat, rat or guinea pig.

The guy we... spoke to was very friendly and was on hand to assist. He helped us find them as we couldn't originally locate them, he told me with everything I would need (then helped me find it all!) and was ready to answer any questions we had. The millipedes themselves are a great size and very active, I set them up immediately when we got home and they've been roaming the tank since I put them in, they were roaming around in the the tub throughout the entire journey home!

Really happy. I'm not good when it comes to talking to people, but this guy (I'm sorry I didn't get your name!) was so friendly and approachable I felt completely comfortable to ask anything I wanted to know.

10/10, would recommend to anyone! Thank you for my millipedes!
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Grace Wood
· 8 February 2018
Amazing place, so helpful friendly and professional.
David Bradshaw
· 30 December 2015
When we went to the shop we were welcomed by a smile and a load of very well kept lizards, snakes, spiders and tortoises. All of which looked to be in very good health. He first of all showed us to th...e Bearded Dragons of which we were aiming to purchase. We had absolutely no equipment already and he showed us all of the thing he recommended. He did not rush into price, instead he told us what was best to get, for example, when I mentioned about hot rocks he immediately said we should not get them and warned us instead of telling us about them and then making another 50 pounds. He was very honest and told us all the things our now happy bearded dragon would need to live a healthy life and then told us it would be best to get some decorations. Yet he then he led us to the most value ones instead of the high end expensive option. He helped us select one by making sure we held almost all of them before we went with our choice just so then he knew we were getting the best one we could get. Very good shop recommend anyone looking to get anything scaley or slimey or hairy and slithery to go to this shop for it is the best for your pets health
Written by Mike Bradshaw 13 years
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Josephine Youseman-Sancto
· 15 October 2015
Had a fantastic experience here :-) well worth driving out of your way to visit! Lovely staff, friendly and more than happy to show of the fantastic range of snakes and other beauties they have withou...t giving you the feeling that your wasting they're time like some places do!!
We purchased a blue tounge today first time buying there,the animals are kept in great conditions. The shop is clean and tidy very welcoming :-) this pleased me so much as most good reptile shops are a lil rough round the edges but not this place!! Thank you to the guy who served us today too, really friendly and has got me far toooooo interested in two beautiful snakes (now to pester the bank of boyfriend!)
Top place to shop!! ;-)
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Harvey Drake
· 13 April 2016
Probably one of best reptiles shops in kent. All animals well looked after unlike some. Would recommend to anyone also some best reptiles morphs. Good set ups and does not smell bad as you would think... as being reptile shop so thumbs up for that See more
Kirk Brown
· 11 August 2016
Came in for some some rats for my corny. Got given a guided tour round the store. Was very informative and was great with my daughter (nearly 2 yr old) who was very excited to see the all the snakes. ...Also frozen food is much better vfm than pets at home. See more
Rachel Harrison
· 20 July 2017
Brilliant shop. Very helpful staff. We have even called them to answer questions about our Pac man frog called Frankie!!! Always answer and help. Highly recommend them.
Lisa Green
· 10 April 2017
Highly recommended to anyone, staff are very friendly too.. got so many beautiful reptiles too choose from. I will be deffo returning for more purchases in the future 🖒
Lee Hutchinson
· 29 March 2015
So I wanted a new little friend in my life, so we came to Penfolds and bought a Yemen Chameleon. He came complete with set up and food for a rather reasonable price too! Thank you for all the advice a...nd help guys!

P.s I got the light to work. It was me being stupid :-)
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Dominic Shepherd
· 21 March 2015
I bought in two thermostats and a thermometer I was currently using at the time so I could show these people what equipment I was currently using and ask if Penfolds had anything they thought was to use for my reptiles. I also wanted to ask a few questions about some reptiles they had I was thinking of getting.

As I was about to show these people what I was currently using at the till and ask if they had anything they thought was better I got told before I had even said a word "Sorry we're not helping you with that, you didn't buy that stuff from us so we're not helping you, I am not even going to show you how to use that stuff".

Thank you for making a bad day into an even worse for me Penfolds. Won't be visiting here ever again.
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Steven Lynn
· 31 December 2014
Bought a plumed basilisk this week staff were very helpful my 2 children had many questions and they were very helpful with them were in shop over a hour and there was no rush at all great shop hope t...o see again soon See more
Tracy Gibbs
· 18 March 2017
Brilliant shop. Friendly & very knowledgeable staff & a great array of reptiles. Can't recommend it highly enough. Will definitely be coming back!
Tomas Kvederavicius
· 15 October 2015
Fantastic shop!! great staff!! Massive stick of animals on display which is very refreshing to see!! Bought us a blue tongue skink very happy with it good clean healthy lil guy I love him!! Thanks for... the help and advice!! Would highly recommend to anyone!! Will definitely return!! See more
Philip French
· 28 December 2016
Great shop, cleanest and best stocked shop I have been in , staff very helpful
Son Reticland
· 28 April 2017
Good contact all the time. Help with arranging courier. Answered for all questions about animal and good price. Will always recommend. Professional reptile shop.
So who wants a pixie frog ??😊
This tank has been built for Vietnamese mossy frogs just about everything needed to build your own is available in store will add updates as the mosses grow 😊
Anyone for lunch uromastyx lunch time

So we all set up at throne fest

Image may contain: tree, grass, outdoor and nature
Image may contain: grass, plant, outdoor and nature

These things are so cool they have been busy today.

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