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Low Carb vs Low Fat | Insulin + Genotype
Weight Loss Sustainability

"Ben, I heard that low fat diets are fuelling the obesity epidemic. What do you think?"

Grab a coffee, get comfortable and let me explain why that is bullshit. Answered with 50% science, 49% sarcasm and 1% pizza delivery.


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If you squeeze the shit out of your biceps when you train them will you get faster muscle growth?

Does the mind-muscle connection actually work? Let's discuss the science to date.


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A new research paper has been published on blood type diets and cardiometabolic disease.

Like previous research, beneficial effects were observed from people adhering to the blood type diet however these were independent of their ABO genotype.

"Conclusions: ABO genotype does not modify any association between blood-type diets and biomarkers of cardiometabolic disease in overweight adults, suggesting that the theory behind this diet is not valid"


Reference; ABO Genotype Does Not Modify the
Association between the “Blood-Type” Diet
and Biomarkers of Cardiometabolic Disease in
Overweight Adults

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"Are you really saying I could eat nothing but junk food and still lose weight as long as I am in a caloric deficit?"

Yes, absolutely.

If you ate one small chocolate bar per day and nothing else you would lose weight. It isn't even that controversial when you think about it.


However, your diet would suck from a health perspective and junk food isn't particularly satiating so your appetite might be out of control.

So yeah, it would be dumb as fuck but you could do it if you really wanted to.

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You could burn a few hundred calories after an hour of exercise but then eat those back in just a couple of minutes after opening the packet of biscuits.

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Someone I was talking to didn't believe that I don't use steroids.

Personally, I find it a bit funny because if I look at progress photos two years apart the biggest change I can see is the improvement in camera technology. I barely look any different.

But, I understand someone being skeptical. It seems more and more common for people to hop on gear nowadays. When it feels like every fucker in your gym is running something it probably becomes harder to trust when someone they are natural.

In that regard, although I don't think my physique warrants accusations, I don't blame people for wondering whether I am telling the truth. Steroids are a taboo subject and people lying about using them is prevalent.

I don't expect anyone to trust me blindly but I will say this...

Personally, I don't want to use them as a shortcut to get to a physique I could obtain naturally. It doesn't appeal to me to just speed up the process.

If I did ever start taking them, I would want to get a physique so fucking incredible that nobody wondered if I took them or not, it would be blatantly obvious because I look like a cartoon superhero from a Marvel comic.

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I guess that most people have no idea what an actual serving size really looks like nowadays.

As portion sizes get bigger and bigger, we continually lose touch with how much we should actually be eating. Here are some examples.

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Easter Sunday falls on April fool's day this year.

Have fun.

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Contrary to what many people say, rapid weight loss does not necessarily result in faster weight regain.

Faster weight loss can be good for motivation. It can also allow people to shorten the duration of a restrictive diet by going balls to the wall for a few weeks rather than making minor changes for a few months. Some people may prefer to rip the band aid off quickly.

From experience, part of the reason people who lose weight quickly also regain it quickly is often because ...they go on a crash diet and then revert to their original eating style.

It goes without saying that someone who goes on a cabbage soup diet for two weeks will regain weight quickly if they simply revert back to their original diet.

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A supermarket that is no more than a five minute walk from my house.

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If you aren't getting the weight loss you expect, someone telling you that you miscalculated can be frustrating.

However, this shouldn't necessarily be a finger of blame. It doesn't have to imply you are shovelling mountains of food into your mouth and lying about how much you ate.

- Maybe the caloric calculator you used gave you an inaccurate number as a starting point....
- Maybe the caloric expenditure on your activity tracker isn't entirely accurate.
- Maybe the restaurant meals you ate aren't 100% true to their quoted nutritional values.

Maybe you did actually fuck up somewhere and forgot to track some food items or misjudged the weight of what you are eating. It isn't a big deal, it happens.

Either way, it is important to understand that adhering to a caloric deficit works for weight loss.

The sooner someone understands that and the sooner someone understands where they might be going wrong the faster they can rectify the situation and get the results they intended.

Otherwise we all go around blaming broken metabolisms for stuff we are entirely capable of fixing ourselves.

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I find it fascinating to see how much your mood impacts your motivation and desire to eat.

A few days ago the sun came out in England. It was a beautiful day and my mood was infinitely better. I started planning my holidays for the year, dreaming about being on a beach with the body of a God. I am cooking elaborate and healthy recipes with fresh fish. I am the most motivated person in history, ready to conquer the world.

Less than 24 hours later it starts snowing. Suddenly I find myself in the middle of a mammoth Netflix marathon and unable to peel myself off the sofa. I am eating children's cereal by the box load and am elbow deep in a bag of Haribo so big it could feel a small country.

Pick whatever diet you want.

Just don't spread misinformation about it.

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It is all 'calories in versus calories out', stupid.

Unfortunately with the rise of flexible dieting and the growing prevalence of people meticulously weighing what they eat, I think we lose sight of where the general population is at.

People in fitness groups on social media often quote caloric calculators and TDEE formulas like they are gospel and may occasionally forget that a large chunk of the population has no fucking idea what they are even talking about.


If your idea of weight loss advice is limited to putting someone's stats into a calculator and telling them how many calories to eat, your success probably won't be far reaching.

When discussing weight loss diets keep in mind that;
- Most people have no idea what TDEE even stands for
- Most people don't want to weigh all of their food
- Your interest in being precise might not tally up with theirs

The moral of the story is, you can only offer advice as advanced as the person listening can comprehend. Sometimes keeping it simple is more valuable than trying to be perfect.

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A new study found greater growth in the biceps when people focused on internal cues vs external cues.

Subjects who were told to "squeeze the muscle" gained 12.4% in elbow flexor thickness over an 8 week period follow a standing barbell curl.

Subjects who were told to "get the weight up" gained just 6.9%.


When using this technique on leg extensions, results on the quadriceps were not statistically significant between groups.

Conclusion; focusing on internal cues may help increase muscular hypertrophy but this may depend on the muscle group and exercise being performed.

Reference; Differential effects of attentional focus strategiesduring long-term resistance training…/full/10…/17461391.2018.1447020

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How to make loads of money in 2018;

- Pick a popular form of junk food
- Marginally improve the nutritional value
- Market it as "guilt free"...
- Charge three times the price
- Rinse, repeat
- Buy exotic sports car

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